• “In 2011  there  was a 40% increase in the number of recorded progeny and although it’s early days we have already seen a 0.5kg gain in the average 21 week weight.”
    Sam Boon, Signet Manager, AHDB
    Breeding Services


  •  “Forward thinking Southdown breeders know there is a clear place for the Southdown in the UK terminal sire market.  The breed’s superb conformation will put a back end on anything and with scanning and performance recording our breeders are ensuring that improvements in growth rate, muscle depth and leanness deliver what commercial flocks and the butcher wants. In the market Southdown crosses can look small due to their shorter legs but they are densely packed and it’s the carcase that counts. With its ability to finish quickly off grass the Southdown sire can provide lambs meeting U3L grades at weights of 35-42kg giving farmers the flexibility to either get lambs away early or to maximise growth potential”.
    Gail Sprake, Southdown  breed society secretary