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All Saints 2011 Ram lambs at 10 -11 months old (born January - shorn July)







Michael and Gail Sprake


 Meens Farm Capps Lane All Saints Halesworth Suffolk IP19 0PD


 01986 782416

 07885 777921

Flock Number


Year Established


Recording Started


Flock History

Flock was established with the purchase of Moulton stock from Hugh T Clark MBE. The flock has been closed for many years with the exception of the occasional purchase of a ram from selected bloodlines

Ewes put to tup


Lambing Window(s)

 1 Jan-20 Feb

Feeding regime

Stock graze a mixture of Countryside Stewardship grassland and permanent pasture both of which are managed without fertiliser or sprays. Stock are over-wintered in large open cattle yards and fed home grown haylage and fodder beet. Lambs are creep fed. Ad lib minerals are available at all times.


Maedi Visna



 Scrapie monitored through SAC with annual checks to renew status


Heptavac P Plus


Sires at work

All Saints Kevin

All Saints Dudley

 All Saints Albert

All Saints Nigel

 Chaileybrook Charlie

All Saints Charlieson

Stock Availabilty

10-15 shearling rams/year; shearling ewes, ram and ewe lambs are also available; rams also for hire; stock (male and female) and commercial rams regularly exported to Germany