The Signet Southdowns website ( has been set up to help promote those Southdown flocks who are actively recording their Southdown performance with Signet. In its start up phase there will be no charge for participating in the website although there is likely to be a modest annual maintenance fee to cover site costs.  Participation in the site is voluntary.


Active Flocks

  • must be fully paid up up subscribers to the Signet recording scheme
  • must have supplied at least one full years lamb crop data (8 week weights, scanning data and 21 week weights) within last  two years. This requrement is waived for the first year for flocks new to the recording scheme.
  • must be paid up members of the Southdown Sheep Society


Who operates the website?

This website is currently sponsored by one flock. It is maintained by volunteer support so please understand that the information may not always be up to date although we will do our best to be professional.


Who is responsiblefor the accuracy of the information?

Data and information about individual flocks is the responsibility of the flock owner/named contact and any issues about accuracy should be raised directly with the flock owner.   Please allow at least one month for these issues to be resolved.

Some data is taken or linked to directly from Signet or the BASCO search engine if you have isses with this please raise directly with Signet or BASCO.

If there are any other ssues with this website and/or if you feel the flock owner has not addressed your concerns these can also be raised with the secretary of the Southdown Sheep Society: